Hey Y’all

I hear what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, the world sure is crying out for another person writing their thoughts on the internet (or podcasting them, Tweeting them, etc. etc. etc.). Well look. This could go well! Seriously, it’s possible, I have received multiple semi-sincere “oh you should have a bloggggg you’re so funny!” comments over the years. Or this could go the opposite of well, I’ll delete the blog, and we’ll conveniently not mention it in the future.

But for now I’m giving it a shot, because I am Making a Change. After a decade of being a lawyer/law-bot/desk robot, I am finally going to do something really stupid. I’m going to leave my steady, secure corporate cocoon, and I’m going to follow my dreeeeeeeams in Hollywood. Yes, I know that pretty much 0.0% of real people succeed there, and yes, I know it’s going to take years, but gosh darn it, I saw La La Land, and I don’t want to end up a Ryan-Gosling-shaped husk in a jazz-club-turned-chicken-on-a-stick? or whatever that was all about.

Anyway, it’s good to put it out there. I’m trying to tell as many people as possible because every person I tell is a person I’ll be embarrassed around if I don’t follow through. And part of following through is actually letting other human beings see my writing. Hence, this blog. So be ready.
It’s On.


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