It’s Mozzarella Season, Bitches!*

Once I started getting serious about this whole writing thing, I started jotting down notes. You know, ideas, phrases, observations that could contain the germ of a good story someday. It’s comforting, looking back and having all these seeds of creativity at the ready…. Except that  I really should keep better notes, because I’ll be damned if I know what half of them mean anymore:

  • Mozzarella season
  • “She’s been such a disappointment to me.”
    “My wife.”
  • “Wu! Wu! Wu!”
  • “Her hair was as high as her ambitions.” (I remember this coming to me as I was trying to fall asleep, but lord knows what I was thinking about at the time…).

Ah well, from failure comes opportunity, because reading these over again, I am inspired to use these as prompts for some flash fiction. Stay tuned for some really weird, really short stories!

*If you’re one of the three people who will read this**, you probably inspired one of these notes. Fair warning, don’t tell me anything you don’t want to see fictionalized later– I can’t help it, it’s a built-in brain filter. And thank you.

**Except for whoever is reading this from Australia. I don’t know anyone in Australia! Howdy!


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