Here for the Right Reasons?

So I am getting kind of confused. I thought I had my future kind of figured out. I even had it down to a five step plan:

  1. quit job
  2. move to L.A.
  3. write a bunch of stuff
  4. be recognized for the American treasure that I clearly am
  5. become best friends with Amy Poehler (this step is a sign that I will have eliminated all my body thetans, obvi)

Great plan, amiritie?

I was all set to Just Do It (TM) when someone looked me straight in the eye and said, “I just don’t know if you’re doing this for The Right Reasons.”

Now this stopped me in my tracks, because– as those of you who also watch Reality TV know– there is no greater crime than doing something NOT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. It’s basically a treasonable offense. So I guess this leaves me with two questions.

Is wanting to run away from your sadness really a wrong reason?

And does the reason matter, if it means you end up rollerblading on Venice Beach with Amy Poehler?


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