Badly behaved sock monkeys! Music! A cool video 4 u!

HI EVERYONE! Sorry that I haven’t posted today. I have been typety-type-typing away at this Bob’s Burger spec script so I *still* haven’t been able to watch the Bachelor (and I heard this week was great– you know I’m serious about this writing career since I have no reality-TV willpower).

Fortunately, I have something really cool to share with you during this busy period! I know you guys are super cool and are fans of Gangstagrass. Well Rench just announced his upcoming solo album by dropping a video for his great new single that was featured in Rolling Stone today…. and I KNOW THE DIRECTOR*. His name is Daniel Lafrentz and he crushed it, big time.**

Watch the video. Maybe dance a little, drink some wine, watch it again, have a cookie, I don’t know your life. And if you want to check out more of Daniel’s work he has a website here.

*Gotta make this all about me, obvi! Actually if I may reflect for a moment, it’s super cool to be at a place in life where I know really creative, amazing people who are starting to get real traction in achieving their dreams. It’s very inspiring and cool!

**I’d embed the video but my WordPress account doesn’t support it. Sorry guys.





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