My Bad

Y’all, I need to revisit a topic from a couple weeks ago. I was scrolling through my human bagels yesterday, minding my own business, and once more encountered the lawyer/magician on my screen. After some reflection, I have to admit that a wave of guilt washed over me.

A very wise friend of mine once told me her pet peeve was online dating profiles without real/face-identifying pictures. She said it takes a lot to put yourself out there for the world to see, and scrolling through other peoples’ photos without including your own is taking advantage of the system. This really resonated with me, because we are all putting ourselves out there, trusting Internet strangers to reciprocate our own shared vulnerability.

I feel like I let the lawgician down in this regard. In this case, what was the his transgression, other than having a hobby that I found funny? Nothing. He’s living his life, putting himself out there, trying to find a partner who will love and appreciate him for the person that he is. And laughing about that was a dick move.

So from this point forward, I commit to not picking on bagels on NLYA who are just trying to be themselves, no matter how easy it would be to drop some snark on the keyboard. Let me be clear– jerks are still fair game. I’m sure you’ll still hear about those priceless gems who “don’t want women who can turn coal into diamonds,” and I’ll definitely relay any interesting typos. But I crossed the line with the lawgician, and it ends here.

You do you, humanbagels. You do you.


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