Eight ideas for Purim costumes

  1. A disobedient beagle
  2. A slice of Jarlsberg cheese 1
  3. Your childhood hopes and dreams 2
    Haman’s severed earĀ 3 / 4
  4. Prosecutorial overbreadth
  5. Left shark5
  6. 19th-century mathematician and computer programming pioneer Ada Lovelace6
  7. An NPR tote bag



1. The funniest cheese.

2. Conceptual performance art option, because by the end of the night your costume will be soaked in alcohol and irreparably damaged.

3. The true inspiration for hamantashen. Don’t give me that crap about hats.

4. Can do double duty as a Halloween homage to Van Gogh!

5. Extra points for couples who both go as Left Shark.

6. She was also the only legitimate child of Lord Byron.

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