I <3 Network TV: iZombie Edition

Boy, it is terrible weather for going outside today– which means it’s perfect weather for snuggling under a blanket and mainlining Netflix. What’s that you say? You’ve already burned through Son of Zorn and Speechless? You need something new to watch? You’re addicted to network TV now?

I got you, boo. This week’s recommendation is….

Wait for it….

iZOMBIEEEEEEEEEEE (and the crowd goes wild!).

iZombie is a CW show (you *know* how much I love the CW!) about Liv Moore, a doctor who gets changed into a zombie at a boat party in Seattle. When she eats brains, she has flashbacks from the life of the person whose brain she just snacked on. There’s a mystery-of-the-week element as well as a multi-season zombie conspiracy arc that involves, among other things, an energy drink called Max Rager. Amongst the many reasons you should spend your weekend with iZombie:

  1. It’s a dramedy. Who doesn’t love dramedies?
  2. It’s streaming on Netflix.
  3. The third season is premiering April 4th, so there’s fresh content to look forward to.
  4. Rob Thomas created it. As in, the dude who created Veronica Mars.
  5. It’s zombies but it’s funny.
  6. Max Rager. Ha!
  7. You get to stare at this guy a lot:

Major Lilywhite.gif

7. And this guy:


Yes, it can be gross at times. And yes, the mysteries of the week aren’t always so compelling. But the larger arcs are fantastic, the acting is good, and if you liked V Mars, then you should have reached for your remote like three paragraphs ago.

Happy watching!


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