Q&A sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Hey guys! I’ve decided I’d like to try my hand at answering questions and giving advice! If there’s anything you’ve been wondering about, or you’re in a sticky situation and need the best opinion money can’t buy, reply in the comments or holler at me at potatopotato321@hotmail.com and I’ll be happy to give ya my 2 centavos. I promise to do absolutely no research or preparation before weighing in!


  1. There are soooo many episodes of Judge John Hodgman. Do I go back and start at episode no. 1? Start listening as of now? Pick an arbitrary point in the middle? Is there a curated list of cannot-miss-episodes?



  2. You listen to the most current one, then start at the beginning. I also have a list of my favorite episodes I can send you!



  3. Are there any merits to deboning a chicken before roasting it (a la Jacques Pépin) versus just sticking the whole bird in the oven (and being done with it)?



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