I <3 Network TV: Powerless Edition

Some days, you can’t handle Great TV. Some days, your brain is tired, you spent the entire day trading passive aggressive emails with those dum dums in sales, and all you want at the end of the day is to sink down into the butt-shaped dent you have made in your couch (come on, that can’t just be me) and be transported onto a light, fluffy cloud where the stakes are low and the laughs are medium-sized.

If you’re having one of those days, have I got the show for you — Powerless, on NBC. It has a fun, marshmallowy premise: in Charm City, superheroes and supervillains are constantly duking it out, resulting in plenty of collateral damage and annoyance for the ordinary citizens just trying to live their lives. Vanessa Hudgens plays a new director of R&D at Wayne Enterprises, which invents products that help protect normal people from the destruction the super-folks leave in their wake.

It’s like the sorbet of TV. It’s light, sweet and a little zingy, and you don’t have to feel bad afterwards about binging.

Oh, and did I mention that the terrific cast includes Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, Ron Funches, and Alan Tudyk (if you don’t recognize him, then you need to go binge Suburgatory immediately).

Happy watching, everyone!

Business As Usual – How to Keep Your Office (or, the “Smell and Yell”)

Y’all, I realized recently that I am failing you by only addressing issues relating to TV and the darkly comedic despair that is online dating. If there’s anything I love in this world, it’s helping people (LOL), which is why I have recently become a successful (LOLOL) advice columnist, making your lives better with my wisdom (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL).

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Q&A: Do the Funky Chicken

I’m flattered and honored, because after answering my first advice question, I have been asked a second! Actually, maybe I’m also slightly concerned about the common sense and self preservation instincts of my readers, but…. here we go again!

Q: Anabel asks, “Are there any merits to deboning a chicken before roasting it (a la Jacques Pépin) versus just sticking the whole bird in the oven (and being done with it)?”

A: Depends on how much you enjoy humiliating your food before you eat it and subsume its life force into your own body! Only you can answer that one!