Time for Some Escapism!

Hey y’all. So, I was planning to finally pivot away from the Bachelor franchise this week (despite the incredible announcement that there will be a Bachelor Winter Games airing in tandem with the 2018 Olympics, which will combine competitive sport and dating into one irresistible melange, thereby representing the highest achievement of human civilization to date). I was going to write a post about Dance Moms, which is maybe my truest reality TV love, delving into its moral complexity and downright hilarity.

But Northern California is on fire and the air is filled with smoke a hundred miles away, and I’m not feeling very frivolous. So I’m going to save Dance Moms for a later, happier date, and instead give y’all a quick list of stuff that’s good to watch when you need to send your brain to a happier place…. No wonder Amazon keeps telling me I need one of these.

  1. Bob’s Burgers. A sweet family of weirdos always finds the solution to their wacky problems by helping each other.
  2. Rick and Morty. It’s not exactly uplifting, but it’s funny enough that you can lose yourself and get past the raging pessimism (realism?)
  3. Gilmore Girls. Obviously. But not the new season. The new season is kind of depressing. Just watch any scene with Emily and you’ll feel way better.
  4. Greek. You probably are unreasonably prejudiced against ABC Family. Get over it. because Greek is the most charming show ever and we all need Cappy in our lives. CAP! Just trust me.
  5. Blue Bloods. I know it’s a drama…. and it’s not exactly lighthearted… but it’s just impossible to be sad when you’re confronted with Tom Selleck’s glorious mustache.

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