Let’s Talk About Sportsball (Stay With Me, Y’all)

Sportsball has been getting a lot of attention this week. Or, to be more specific, not sportsball itself– the pre-sportsball ritual of playing the national anthem. This…. seems like a stupid controversy to waste brain space on. I wish we could get away from the brainwashing of the 24-hour news cycle and separate our entertainment from our information. Maybe then we would be able to (regardless of our politics) focus on solving actual issues and not fetishize spectacle….

Because I, for one, want to get back to sports for the sake of sports! It may surprise those of you who know me as a self-hating Bachelor-franchise fan that I also enjoy sporting pastimes… but it’s true! I like watching people compete over throwing a ball through a hoop, running/swimming/whatevering really fast/far/etc., and also oh flipping in the air a bunch and hurling themselves down chutes of ice in wooden sled-missiles, because heck, it’s fun to watch!

So, without further ado, to remind us all why we bother watching sports, please enjoy this video of a Cubs shortstop crashing into a fan’s nachos.



Q&A sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Hey guys! I’ve decided I’d like to try my hand at answering questions and giving advice! If there’s anything you’ve been wondering about, or you’re in a sticky situation and need the best opinion money can’t buy, reply in the comments or holler at me at potatopotato321@hotmail.com and I’ll be happy to give ya my 2 centavos. I promise to do absolutely no research or preparation before weighing in!


Y’all, I apologize in advance, because I’m about to be slightly educational. And if there’s anything this blog is NOT supposed to be, it’s informative or useful in any way. I’m going to bring it back to TV, I promise, but in the meantime stick with me for a hot second.

Those pour souls amongst you who have been forced to spend any significant amount of time with me already know that I believe strongly in the importance of an intellectual property system that is calibrated to reward invention without stifling innovation. IP MATTERS, PEOPLE. Not just for things like pharmaceutical R&D, but for an artist’s ability to control the use of their work, a smartass’s ability to parody freely (Scary Movie, anyone?!?), and for your protection from the knockoff Folexes and Goochees of the world.

Well, this has been a big week in IP land. SCOTUS just issued an opinion ruling that copyright can protect elements of “useful articles” (in this case, cheerleading uniforms). This is a big deal in the world of IP, and if you want to learn more about it, there’s a good article on the decision here.

But what on earth does this have to do with TV?

Well, reading about copyright reminded me of my favorite segment from the Colbert Report, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Sorry that I can’t embed it– still haven’t figured out how to make that work for non-Youtube videos. Again, I sincerely apologize if you learned anything today. It won’t happen again.